What am I Doing Here?

This is my first post for Blag’Ard.  I would talk about how I’m excited about a show I’ve got coming up but there isn’t one.  Why would I want to play a local bar to rando-bar people…or really to nobody since that is who I’d expect to be there.  Done enough of that shit in the past no appetite for it now.  Dues got paid up a long ass time ago.  Maybe I should want to play a bar – but I don’t.  My bad.

So I am verrry slowly starting to write a few new songs.  Just guitar and drums I wrote in on Cubase.  Just fun really.  I am kind of excited about a new compressor and EQ I bought for my DAW.  Digital, audio, workstation – or whatever you want to make up to put there.

I would like to shoot another video since the one for “No One” is over 1000 views now.  So maybe we will do that soon.  I guess I am just filling the space here.  So that’s all for now.

JT 1/31/18